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Aftercare is a period of time where the players involved in a BDSM scene attend to one another's physical, emotional, and psychological needs. In most instances it is the Dominant partner that is taking care of the submissive partner's needs at this point in time during the scene. I use the word scene because, the scene isn't over when the crop is put down. Aftercare should be one of the biggest priorities involved in a BDSM scene. The reasons why, are extensive. First of all during a BDSM scene it is very typical that there are some injuries that result from...

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Temperature Play:So you want to try something new to spice things up in the bedroom? Well temperature play is a fun way to liven things up, it can be as simple as blowing cold air on your partner or literally lighting them on fire. No joke, there is a broad range of things that are classified in this type of play. I want to take the time to go through some safety tips with you, so you can enjoy yourselves and not have to worry about any lasting harm being done to the receiver. If you are a beginner one of...

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I usually do a topic of the day and try and teach a term, or fetish that has to do with BDSM. It's something I enjoy doing which is educating people on the lifestyle we all love. Many of you are just curious and come here for the pictures we post, or to catch a glimpse of something taboo, that is different from the average vanilla relationship. Then there are those of you who have greedily read books to take the fantasy of it a little further. Maybe you read 50 shades, maybe you didn't. Either way, we all have...

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