Temperature Play

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Temperature Play

Temperature Play:

So you want to try something new to spice things up in the bedroom? Well temperature play is a fun way to liven things up, it can be as simple as blowing cold air on your partner or literally lighting them on fire. No joke, there is a broad range of things that are classified in this type of play. I want to take the time to go through some safety tips with you, so you can enjoy yourselves and not have to worry about any lasting harm being done to the receiver. 

If you are a beginner one of the easiest things to start off with is cold temperatures. For instance you can try cool tingling gels, or even cheaper ice cubes. Here is where the safety aspect comes into play, you have to be careful even with cold, because you can unintentionally hurt someone with an ice cube. Think jagged edges and keeping the ice on sensitive areas for prolonged periods of time. You really don't want to give frost bite to your partner's private parts. Best to keep the ice cube moving to different areas to keep that from happening. You can even insert ice into orifices in the body, the inner heat mixing with the cold is quite the combination of sensations. Just be careful of any rough edges on the ice. Note, this type of scene is always a little more intense when a blindfold is added into the mix. 

Don't want to use ice? Well there are so many different toys out there that can be put in the freezer and used for temperature play. Many suppliers sell glass toys, they are all the rage these days. Try them out. If you are going to use the glass toys in the freezer I would not recommend keeping them in there for prolonged periods of time as it may crack the glass over time. Just an hour or so is all that is needed. You also have to keep in mind that exposing them to heat rapidly can do the same thing.

So now we move on to metal toys. There are various different plugs, phallus', and beads out there in this material. I feel that it is one of the safer types to freeze. Have you ever watched A Christmas Story? The scene where the brother sticks his tongue on the pole outside in the below zero weather? Well same concept here, you will need to be conscious of this happening, a little lube will cure the problem.

Also with metal toys, if you own any chain mail floggers, or plastic paddles, they can be thrown in the freezer for what I like to call temperature play meets impact play. 

Now we get to the more intense stuff...

With more extreme types of play you can always go for complete body dunking into ice water or colder water. In this instance it is important for the Top to pay very close attention to the s-type constantly checking for signs of hypothermia or frost bite. I'm going to list them here, but I do want to point out that if you are a first timer and you are going to try a scene like this it is so very important that you educate yourself for every consequence don't just take my word for it. Here are the signs of hypothermia. Blue lips, loss of ability to feel cold, drowsiness or clumsiness, loss of feeling all together, confusion, and trouble feeling the extremities. Here's where the educate yourself part comes in, if things go too far and this is what happens, now what do you do? Your job as a Top is to always see to the care of the s-type. So make sure you can handle any issues that arise, good or bad. 

Now let's move onto heat play...

Let's start off simple, for a beginner you may want to try using warming oils to start off with and see how the s-type handles the heat. The only caution I am going to put out there for warming oils, is making sure that the s-type doesn't have sensitive skin, the heat can irritate it. You can always use a section of the inner arm to test it out and see how things go from there. Most of these types of oils, have capsaicin in them, which is a chemical that makes peppers so hot. 

Now let's move on to wax play. When it comes to wax play you have to chose what type of candles you want to use. There are so many varieties out there. For a beginner I would recommend just starting out with the safety candles you can buy at just about any sex shop, online or otherwise. These candles are made of soy wax, so if you cannot get them from an adult shop then you can look for them in a craft shop. If you are going to buy candles this way try to find unscented ones and make sure they are soy. Paraffin wax is also a low burning wax, if you can find this type of candle. Paraffin is a good base to spread on the skin if you are wanting to use colors to create a pattern on the body. It's best to make sure you are using common sense and know what you are doing before attempting this though. 

Do not ever buy beeswax candles, they have to burn hotter to melt the wax, and using this type of candle can end up with very harmful results. Same goes for the scented candles and colored candles, they do not necessarily burn hotter but there are chemicals in them that do not cool as fast which can and most likely will burn the skin, and some of the additives can cause irritation to the s-types skin as well. Especially if they have allergies or sensitive skin types. 

One other thing I want to point out about candles, is the wicks. You really don't want to be using one that has metal in the wick or some sort of unusual feature to them, as there is probably chemicals or hazardous material infused into the wicks. Which is probably not a good thing for your skin. I would just avoid them altogether. 

Now that we have what type of candles are safest to use out of the way, let's talk about the fun part. Playing with them...

For those of you that are beginner's I want to point out, that as a Top you should always test the distances of the pours out on yourself first so you know exactly how close or far from the s-type's body you should be before attempting to play. With that being said, if you are a beginner, the best way to start out with this is to simply have the s-type lay on the floor belly down, using the back and shoulders as your canvas. I would at least start out with a distance of 4 feet. This way the floor is safe if the s-type has a panic moment and they will not fall off of a bed or other piece of furniture. You can always move closer as you go.

You also have to consider how you are removing the wax. Usually the temperature of a hot shower will remove it all quite well. Or you can scrape it off, using various tools. 

One other thing I want to point out for safety is to make sure you have a clear area and there is nothing above the flame while you are performing a wax play scene. You could set your hair on fire, a curtain, the wall, etc... Just be conscious of your surroundings as well as your s-type's well being. It's easy to get caught up in the scene, and not pay attention to the flame. 

Okay moving on...

Fire play, cupping, and bouncing and streaking...
Fire play is when alcohol is wiped on the skin and set on fire with the use of a fire wand. Cupping is when air is heated up inside a cup and placed on the skin creating a suction. Lastly, bouncing and streaking is where fire wands are bounced or streaked against unprotected skin. All of these should not be attempted without proper training or skills. I recommend you attend demonstrations on these and spend a lot of time educating yourselves before you attempt any of these.

Okay so we have talked about several different ways you can play with temperatures. I want to point out that it is so very important that before the scene you have taken the time to discuss with all participants, what the scene will or could entail and that everyone is consenting and on the same page. If there are limits set in place be respectful of them and have a good time. Make sure you have a safeword in place before you even start, or use the stop and go color system to play the scene out. Red = stop; Yellow = I'm okay but I need to talk about it; Green = I'm enjoying this keep going. 

So you've reached the end of the scene, don't forget the aftercare!

As always, keep things as safe as possible, make sure you are in your right mind, and most importantly, make sure it's consensual.